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I love doing readings and have been since I was young. I feel great when I use my gifts to help other people. 

I can do in person, by phone and even email!!  I feel knowledge is power and I am a medium and psychic so I can see what is coming up in a year or give you closure by speaking to someone who passed. CONCIERGE SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE - for a monthly fee

Let me help you find out who you are and what lies ahead. I love helping people and I am proud of my gift from my native American backgtound. You can see reviews on my Facebook page and Yelp. I have people from all over that use my phone reading services. 

I do do tons of classes and events!! Go to Facebook or call to check!! Biggest event is Full Moon gatherings monthly!! I do adult and children‘s classes. Lots of spiritual classes and empowering classes. Fun tribes of people come to class. Meet some new positive people. 

I own a store in Lewes at 818 Kings Highway. It’s got tons of crystals, tapestries, tarot cards, sage, essential oils and more. There is also a wish alter to leaves wishes. New Inventory weekly and we are working on a cafe. (302) 313-5950 

Hours in winter are : Mon and Thurs 11-5 and Fri, Sat and Sun 11-6 call ahead if you want to make sure we are open. 

I also have a online store at :

***There are no refunds*** we can change your date or reschedule but no refunds. 

About Me


I am a medium and psychic. I am also wiccan based in my religion and beliefs. I am here to teach people that Wiccans are not evil. We do not believe in Satan. We believe in helping others and using magic through belief, tools and the deities above. We believe you can manifest anything you want through belief and power. This earth is a ripple effect. I believe in 3 fold karma. What you do to others will come back to you!! Do good and pay it forward.

Many of my classes and services, I donate a part to charity. Charity for animals, homeless and single mothers is very dear to my heart. 

 I am here to help anyone that needs me and I am here to teach you what your gifts and talents are. I am here to warn you of any battles ahead so you are prepared and I am here to show you how you can make your life more blessed and magical with the power you have inside of you. I love to see closure and help with people that need to see their gifts and can use them to help others.  See my reviews on my face book page and yelp. 

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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

Mandie's Magical Marketplace

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